At Urbis we have a commitment to design and construction integrity. It is our goal to provide positive architectural interventions that enrich the communities in which they are situated. Our vision is to put into practice innovative infill design solutions that generate more liveable spaces and draw families from the suburban periphery, to the mature neighbourhoods in the city’s core. We are dedicated to excellence in residential design and construction.

We are a family owned and operated design build studio. Our family has been in this city for over 100 years. We love Edmonton and watching it grow, and are intent on improving the city’s urban fabric one project at a time.

Our team members combined have decades of previous experience in the architecture, development, and construction industry. We are unique in that our projects are Architect designed, lead by our in-house registered Architect with 35 years of experience and expertise, overseeing project intent and outcome.  Our in-house architecture, project management and construction management teams work closely and collaboratively to carefully guide and monitor a project from inception to completion.

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We believe in honesty and candor at every stage of a project. This begins at the scale of the community. First impressions are crucial and we strive to make a positive impact on neighbours from day one. Living next to construction is less than ideal, this we understand, so we work to make it as painless as possible. From shaking the neighbour’s hand, to being available to answer questions and acting to respond, to tree protection and parking, to cleaning the sidewalks of snow and dirt, we have a good neighbor philosophy.

We also set the bar high when it comes to jobsite cleanliness. It isn’t as simple as keeping a site tidy, it’s an ideology of safety and pride that we implement as a standard. We treat your home as if it was our own at every stage of construction, and hold our trades accountable to do the same. This mantra boils right down to the people who do the work. We hand select our trades people, whom we vet to ensure a standard of professionalism and expertise in their field. We establish long-term trusted relationships to guarantee consistency and quality in workmanship.

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